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Cosmetic Gum Lifts

Dr. Michael L. Howard with patientWhen you smile, do you feel like your gums are too prominent or uneven? Do your teeth look stubby? Many patients who are unhappy with their smiles never consider that it may actually be the gums making their smile look less than perfect. For patients with gummy smiles, beautiful dental structure is hidden and waiting to be revealed, and a gum lift (also known as a gingivectomy) is a quick, painless solution. We use advanced diode laser dentistry to quickly and effectively remove or reshape the excess soft tissue. The day of treatment, we mark the areas of the gum to be removed, administer local anesthesia or sedation, and use a diode laser to precisely remove indicated gum tissue. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding, discomfort, and healing time. Within a week after your treatment at Leading Edge Dentistry, patients look and feel better than ever.

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