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Cost of Dental Implants – Marietta, GA

A Worthwhile Investment for Your Confidence and Health

dental cost conceptWe often recommend dental implants in Marietta as the best treatment solution for patients who are missing one or more teeth. However, some people hesitate to commit to dental implants because they are concerned about cost. Admittedly, this procedure comes with a significant price tag. Let’s discuss why dental implants cost so much, why they are worth the money, and how you may be able to afford your new smile.


Types of Dental Implants

Not all dental implant procedures are the same. Some individuals need just one implant to replace a single tooth, whereas other patients require several implants to support a full, implant-retained denture. Naturally, the more implants you require, the higher the cost of your treatment will be. There are also different types of dental implants. For example, mini dental implants may have a different price than their traditional counterparts.

When you visit your dentist in Marietta for your consultation, we’ll discuss all of our implant options with you and help you understand the price for each one.

What Are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

You won’t have to pay for the entirety of your implant treatment upfront. The process takes place across multiple stages, which are spaced out over the course of several months. You’ll only need to pay for each procedure as you undergo it. Some of the stages you may go through include:

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

There are alternative treatments that cost less than dental implants. However, dental implants present the best value because of the many benefits they offer. They are the only tooth replacement method that replaces both the crowns and roots of missing teeth. They also preserve jawbone health, provide an incredibly strong bite force, and look and feel like natural teeth. Plus, they have the potential to last a lifetime, while other types of tooth replacement, such as traditional dentures, might last for just 5 – 10 years. The vast majority of people who receive dental implants have no regrets about their decision.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

More and more dental insurance companies are adjusting their policies to provide coverage for dental implants. You’ll have to check the specifics of your plan to find out whether it will help you afford your new smile. Even if it does not cover the implants themselves, it may cover preliminary work or your final restoration. In addition to your insurance, you may be able to take advantage of low- or no-interest financing to break up the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly payments. Our team will help you explore your all your options for paying for your new smile.

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