Marietta Fire Museum

Marietta Fire Museum

The Marietta Fire Museum is located at Fire Station, 112 Haynes St #51, Marietta, GA 30060. It’s open to the public. In the beginning, fire safety was in the hands of volunteers and bucket brigades. However, in 1854, a massive fire destroyed Marietta Square, which inspired the city to form its first fire department. Now, the museum’s mission is to educate the public about fire safety and history.

In addition to the museum’s history exhibits, the museum is home to the Aurora, a 139-year-old horse-drawn Silsby steamer pumper. Visitors can also check out antique firefighting gear, such as firefighting helmets. There’s also a special section with photos of some of the largest fires.

The Marietta Fire Museum is a great place to learn about the history of firefighting in Marietta, Ga. The museum displays the equipment and vehicles that have been used by the department since its establishment in 1854. The museum features the 1879 Silsby steamer, nicknamed the Aurora, which was in service until 1921. The museum also displays a 1929 Seagrave pumper, which was the first motorized fire truck in North Georgia. It was restored in 1992. The museum also offers tours led by active-duty firefighters.

The Marietta Fire Museum is free to visit. It is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. There is free parking at the Marietta East Square parking garage. Weekends, however, require reservations. Visitors can also download brochures for the museum online or pick up a copy onsite. Visitors should take time to read the placards and signs so that they can understand the museum’s information. They can also purchase commemorative items and other gifts. Learn more.

The museum displays the history of the Marietta Fire Department. One of the museum’s featured exhibits is the 1952 Chevrolet Panel Truck, which was the first rescue truck in Marietta. In the 1950s, the Lions Club donated this vehicle to the fire department as a gift. This vehicle was used during an explosion at the Atherton Drug store, as well as during a winter ice storm. In the early 1990s, it was refurbished by the Lions Club.

Another interesting exhibit is the museum’s collection of antique fire tools and apparatus. The museum offers self-guided tours as well as guided tours. However, sometimes, the museum is closed for maintenance and repair, so be sure to check the hours of operation. To get to the museum, park at the city hall parking deck, which is located at 205 Lawrence Street. Visitors should bring their parking tickets inside to validate parking.

The museum is free to visit. However, donations are welcomed, so be sure to bring some cash. The museum is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Weekend hours are by appointment. Next article.