World of Coca Cola

World of Coca Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is an exhibit that tells the story of the invention of the famous soft drink. It is located at 121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. The exhibit is designed to be factual and avoid highlighting the disreputable past of the drink. Although there are many sources that suggest Coca-Cola once contained cocaine, the Coca-Cola Company denies this and the World of Coca-Cola tries to avoid this thorny issue.

Visitors can visit three galleries within the World of Coca-Cola. “The Real Thing” is one of the busiest. The gallery is filled with Coca-Cola advertisements and jingles and features the iconic polar bear. The “Perfect Pauses Theater” is another popular attraction, where visitors can experience a loop of selected Coke television commercials.

The World of Coca-Cola is open seven days a week. The museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Visitors can park in the Pemberton Place parking garage, located on Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. between Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Luckie Street. Parking here costs $10. Buses can also park in the Georgia World Congress Center bus marshaling yard, which costs $25 per day.

In addition to the museum, the World of Coca-Cola has an interactive exhibit where visitors can explore the history of Coca-Cola. Visitors can explore the history of the company’s products and see artwork from Atlanta artists. They can also view an exhibition of soccer from around the world. The entire experience will last around four hours and is a fun way to spend a day.

Located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the World of Coca-Cola opened in 1990. In 2007, it was relocated to a new site near the Georgia Aquarium. The museum features over a million visitors per year. The museum features seven life-size sculptures of the Coca-Cola bottle. Guests can also sample more than 100 types of Coke. Learn more.

The World of Coca-Cola is a fascinating place for both history and pop culture. The museum is arranged in two levels, each with a different theme. Highlights include the history of the Coca-Cola Company and its impact on society and popular culture. The museum also features a taste-tasting room where visitors can sample all the different flavors of Coke. Afterward, they can buy souvenirs and take home samples.

Tickets to the World of Coca-Cola can be purchased online, by phone, or at the ticket window. The admission ticket for the exhibit costs $12 on weekdays and $17 on weekends. Purchasing tickets online or through the main entrance will guarantee you a spot on the tour. Tickets are valid for all exhibits, films, and experiences. Children three and under are free.

The World of Coca-Cola is a grand-scale expression of Coca-Cola’s internationalist ideology. It suggests that the drink unites people from different worlds. Next article.