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Do You Need to See a Dentist in West Hampton Right Away?

December 22, 2017

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dental visit womanMaybe you’re on a nice run in the park. Maybe you’re literally running late to work and tripping on things all the way to the front door—when suddenly…OUCH!

You see a bit of bleeding coming from the mouth and feel a new gap in your smile. Where is your tooth? Oh, no! Is this a dental emergency?

Thankfully, your dentist in West Hampton has put together a checklist to help you determine whether or not urgent dental care needed, plus some tips for what you can do in the meantime to stay calm and reduce pain! Everything you need to know about dental emergencies is here in this week’s blog post.


How Can a Cosmetic Dentist in West Hampton Improve 2018?

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woman smiling white teethAre you dreading spending another year feeling self-conscious about your teeth and gums? What if you could get the smile of your dreams before the end of the holidays and the start of a new year?

Now, you can with your cosmetic dentist in West Hampton. Whether you just want a brighter smile or straighter teeth—maybe both—you can accomplish those goals with the help of our office!


How Gum Disease Treatment Can Prevent Heart Disease

October 22, 2017

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heart healthOral infections, such as gum disease, are the most common diseases in the entire world, and heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Finding any connection between the two would be of tremendous benefit to global health, and in recent years, a definitive one has been established thanks to exhaustive research. How are these two seemingly unrelated conditions linked? How can this information help you improve both your oral and overall health? Today, we discuss why getting gum disease treatment in Marietta could do more than simply protect your smile. (more…)

Does Teeth Whitening Cause Oral Cancer?

October 15, 2017

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whitened teethThis year alone, about 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer. Most concerning is that many of them will be relatively young (under 45) and will have not engaged in typically risky behaviors that lead to the disease, such as tobacco or excessive alcohol use. This puzzled scientists, so they sought to find other potential causes of the disease. One place they looked included the substances used in teeth whitening. The use of teeth whitening products is much more common in younger patients, so could this be why oral cancer is becoming more prevalent? (more…)

How Your Dentist May Treat Sensitive Teeth in the Future

September 26, 2017

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green tea in a cupEveryone loves the refreshing taste of an ice cold drink or the creamy sweetness of ice cream, but for those with sensitive teeth, these treats mean just one thing: dental pain. Right now, there are a multitude of ways teeth sensitivity can be treated, but most of them aren’t able to last that long, even those provided by your dentist. However, researchers at the American Chemical Society recently discovered that using a green tea extract could completely solve this common problem and help prevent cavities at the same time. (more…)

Gum Disease Therapy in Marietta May Reduce Your Cancer Risk

September 12, 2017

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Older woman smilingIn addition to your teeth, it is equally as important to promote the health of your gums. With an estimated 50% of adults in the United States having a form of gum disease, it is vital that you maintain your oral hygiene habits and regular dental care to protect your smile. However, new research shows that you have another reason to get gum disease therapy in Marietta at the first sign of the infection. According to the University at Buffalo, postmenopausal women who have previously had it have an increased risk for cancer.

Dentist in Marietta Offers Recommendations for a Healthy Mouth and Body

August 18, 2017

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Smile and dental mirrorYou know that brushing and flossing are vital components to protecting the health of your teeth and gums, as well as regular appointments with your dentist in Marietta. However, did you know that your oral hygiene habits are equally as important to protecting your overall health? They are directly linked to influencing your overall well-being. When complications like gum disease develop, it can quickly cause medical issues to occur, like cardiovascular disease. To protect your health, it is critical that you are proactive about your oral hygiene.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Marietta Helps You Have a Radiant Smile!

August 15, 2017

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woman with beautiful smileA gorgeous smile can be one of your best assets, but flaws in your teeth might make you hold back from letting your light shine. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions that can take your pearly whites from unattractive to unbeatable. Your cosmetic dentist in Marietta offers a range of services to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


Get Porcelain Veneers in Marietta for a Star-Quality Smile

July 31, 2017

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Which flaws are you going to cover with porcelain veneers in Marietta?When you see someone that has the perfect teeth, you may think, Wow! His smile looks just like Tom Cruise’s!  In reality, if you ever saw Tom before his famous Hollywood days, you wouldn’t associate his smile with being a movie star. He has had cosmetic dental work to improve his crooked, discolored teeth, too! If you want a smile that reminds your friends, family, and coworkers of someone who should be on the big screen, consider getting porcelain veneers in Marietta. You too can have a smile that’s worthy of being shown off on the red carpet.


5 Fun Dental Tips from a Children’s Dentist in Marietta

July 27, 2017

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When’s the last time your kid visited their children’s dentist in Marietta?When you think about the most common disease that plagues children, tooth decay isn’t probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, surveys point out that 21% of all kids reportedly have high levels of decay attacking their little smiles. As a parent, it’s important to take initiative in your child’s oral health. How do you do that?  It’s your job to instill a stable dental hygiene routine—and by no means do we say that’s an easy job! Dr. Michael Howard recommends making dental health maintenance fun for your little one. We’re here to help you do just that. Take into consideration these dental health tips to make your child look forward to taking care of their teeth!


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