Bruxism Treatment Fighting Jaw Pain

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Many of the patients we see struggle with unconscious grinding and clenching of teeth during the day or while sleeping. There is no one cause of bruxism, but some of the most common candidates include:

  • Stress-related grinding and clenching is most common among patients who react to stress with anger, pain, or aggression
  • Habitual bruxism that usually begins in childhood and may be indicated by other biting habits, like biting finger nails, pencils, lips, or cheeks
  • Orthodontic-related bruxism that occurs due to uneven pressure on teeth

Regardless of the cause of bruxism, a number of serious concerns can arise from untreated cases, including worn teeth and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Untreated, TMJ dysfunction can be extremely painful and make it difficult for patients to speak clearly or chew comfortably. Women are much more likely to experience bruxism, but teeth grinding affects about 1/3 of the population overall. The Marietta, GA team offers a comfortable, simple solution – nightguards.

Bruxism Warning Signs

  • Sore jaw or impeded jaw mobility that may be indicative of TMJ dysfunction
  • Headaches or neck pain
  • Earaches and potential hearing loss
  • Tooth enamel wear and teeth that appear short or stubby
  • Chips and cracks in teeth

Treating Bruxism with Nightguards

Because bruxism most commonly occurs while patients are asleep, it’s difficult to break the habit on your own. If we discover patients are suffering from unconscious teeth grinding, we offer a quick, comfortable solution – nightguards. These orthotic appliances are custom crafted to fit patients’ individual smiles. The nightguard places a physical barrier between teeth so patients’ grinding and clenching does not cause damage. In some cases, we may also encourage stress management, massages, physical therapy, and other alternative therapies.

Contact our dedicated team at Leading Edge Dentistry to find out more about the comprehensive dentistry services at our Marietta, GA practice or to schedule an appointment with our team. If you experience any of the warning signs and symptoms of bruxism, call us right away. Diagnosing and treating bruxism in the earliest stages helps patients keep their smiles whole and healthy for life.