Intraoral Cameras

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As a dental practice dedicated to using advanced dentistry techniques and technologies that offer our patients improved comfort or better care, it means something when our team says intraoral photography has completely transformed the way we practice dentistry. In the past, our team would have to explain areas of decay or damage as best we could, and patients would take our word for what treatment they needed and why. Intraoral photography makes it possible for patients to see any areas of their smiles that may need repaired from the dentists’ eye view. This can be especially great for kids who are just learning how to care for their smiles. These zoomed in images allow Leading Edge Dentistry to better explain proper brushing and flossing techniques, and help kids find the parts of their teeth that need more attention.

To capture these images, we use a pen-sized wand with a camera on the tip. We quickly move it around the mouth snapping photos of patients’ teeth. We then view these images on the chairside computer monitor where we can enhance, zoom-in, and rotate the photos as we explain various concerns and possible treatment options. Intraoral photography makes patient education and treatment planning faster and easier, and allows us to truly partner with patients in offering the highest quality dental treatments that deliver the results patients desire while preserving the maximum amount of natural dental structure. Ask about intraoral photography during your next six month dental checkup. We’re happy to allow our patients to view any aspect of their smiles.