Children’s Dentist in Marietta Offers Tips to Make Oral Care Fun!

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If there’s one thing that dentists can understand, it’s that getting your child to practice daily oral care is not an easy task, at least at first. Thankfully, dentists are not only trained to remove harmful plaque and recommend helpful oral care products. A children’s dentist in Marietta can also provide valuable advice on making your child’s oral care routine a fun experience!

Considering the fact that February is Children’s Dental Health Month, there’s no better time than now to use these fun tips the next time your child needs to brush and floss!


Buy Brand-New Oral Care Products

Not only can buying your child a brand-new exciting toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it be fun, but it’s also necessary. Toothbrushes (or toothbrush heads if you’re going electric) need to be replaced once every three to four months as the bristles become increasingly worn down. Once you’ve determined that the toothbrush and toothpaste you’ve found is right for your child, let them pick out their favorite one so they feel like they’re actually part of the process. Introducing agency in this way only encourages them to practice decent oral care in the future. Don’t forget the floss as well!

Print Out a Coloring Sheet

If you were to pick out one activity that children adore, which one would it be? If you said coloring, you’d be right on the money. The American Dental Association offers many coloring sheets for free on its website as well as many other activities that promote positive oral health. Even just a cursory Google search of their favorite cartoon character and “oral care coloring book” can bring up some awesome pictures worth giving a splash of color!

Brush Alongside Them

As a parent, you understand the importance of leading by example. Whether you’re putting away your clothing or cleaning up after yourself, the same applies when practicing daily oral care. Brushing alongside them not only gives you a chance to show them how much you care about oral health, but confirm that they’re doing everything they need to be doing. You just might be surprised by how often your child doesn’t use toothpaste to brush and only water. If they don’t like their toothpaste, swap it out for a different flavor until you find one that they enjoy using.

Do a Plaque Test

Convincing your child that harmful plaque is on their teeth may not be an easy feat at first. That’s why purchasing a plaque-disclosing tablet can make a big difference. After using the tablet, look at your smiles in the mirror together and point out the problem areas that both of you need to work on. Take note of specific areas such as along the gum line or on the grinding surfaces of teeth.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making oral care a fun activity instead of a chore. Just make sure to schedule a routine appointment with a dentist after you’re done!

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