5 Fun Dental Tips from a Children’s Dentist in Marietta

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When you think about the most common disease that plagues children, tooth decay isn’t probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, surveys point out that 21% of all kids reportedly have high levels of decay attacking their little smiles. As a parent, it’s important to take initiative in your child’s oral health. How do you do that?  It’s your job to instill a stable dental hygiene routine—and by no means do we say that’s an easy job! We’re here to help you do just that. Take into consideration these dental health tips to make your child look forward to taking care of their teeth!

1. Lead by example.

When you say something, your little one repeats it. When you dance a certain way, so does your son or daughter. You are their biggest influence in their lives. Having your son or daughter right next to you in the mirror brushing your teeth will help them feel more grown up. They’ll feel like they’re just like mommy and daddy! Brushing your teeth will become more of a family activity to them compared to a chore.

2. Children choose their own toothbrushes.

Making you child enjoy brushing their teeth isn’t an easy task. The more they feel engaged, the more likely they are to participate. One uncomplicated way to let your son or daughter get involved in the process from beginning to end is to let them choose which tooth brush they would like as well as their preferred flavor of toothpaste. You can purchase the perfect soft-bristled toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character as the handle.

3. Establish a dental routine song.

It’s important that you’re instructing your children on how long they should be brushing their teeth (two minutes). A good way to measure this is with music. You can create a light, fun atmosphere while massaging your teeth and gums by humming or playing a song together. This also helps enforce the habit because every time your child hears that song, they know it’s time to take care of their teeth.

4. Reward them for practicing good dental hygiene.

As with any other habit you want to encourage, praising your kids during and after the task is completed is probably the best way to reinforce it. Especially when they complete the task correctly! For instance, if your child consistently brushes his or her teeth for two weeks straight, consider a later bedtime as a reward!

5. Take your children to the dentist.

Although dental offices may not be initially inviting to a child, our team at Leading Edge Dentistry work together to make every appointment fun and inviting from the minute children enter our office. Not only that but after consecutive visits with the same family dentist in Marietta, your child will become more comfortable. Eventually, we will build a trusting, friendly relationship with your son or daughter, establishing positive dental experiences every appointment. Contact our practice today to get your child the dental care he or she needs to keep their little teeth bright and healthy!

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