4 Ways to Improve Your Smile Before Your Holiday Office Party

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Over the holidays, your schedule will be packed full of meeting up with friends, attending office parties, and getting together with distant relatives that you haven’t seen for ages. What’s most important to you is that you make the best possible impressions on people and don’t feel self-conscious about your damaged, discolored, or gummy smile. Luckily, your cosmetic dentist in Marietta offers fast and cost-effective treatments that can transform your smile from one that lowers your self-esteem to one that boosts it. Read on for four treatments that can get you ready for the most social season of all.

Teeth Whitening

If your stained or discolored teeth are the most noticeable feature of your smile, it’s time to do something about it. Professional in-office teeth whitening is a reliable and safe way to achieve drastic and beautiful results without the long wait. Instead of taking a gamble on store-bought products that may or may not achieve what they promise on the packaging, your cosmetic dentist uses concentrated ingredients that will leave your smile up to eight shades brighter in a single visit.

Dental Bonding

Even small chips, cracks, and fractures can have a large impact on your confidence. If you catch a glimpse of your smile in the mirror and your dental damage is hard to take your eye off of, direct bonding is a cost-effective treatment that can help. Using custom-selected composite resin, your dentist will reshape and sculpt the missing portion of your teeth to make them appear whole and symmetrical. Because the procedure takes place over a single appointment, you’ll be ready to make great first impressions with your new and improved holiday smile in time for your next event.

Cosmetic Gum Lifts

When you imagine the ideal smile, it’s not taken over by the appearance of your gums. Cosmetic gum lifts involve safely and quickly reshaping your gumline using a diode laser to help you achieve a proportionate and beautiful smile. The laser is precise, accurate, and uses the latest technological advancements to achieve minimal bleeding and swelling and reduce your recovery time.

Porcelain Veneers

If your smile is suffering because of a variety of cosmetic flaws, and you don’t want to get multiple treatments, porcelain veneers are a great option for you. During your first appointment, your cosmetic dentist will prepare your teeth to receive custom-crafted porcelain shells that are made to conceal the visible portion of your teeth to erase severe discoloration, damage, gaps, and minor misalignment problems. After taking impressions of your mouth, they’ll send them to a dental laboratory to create each of your individual veneers. During your last appointment, they’ll use a special dental cement to secure them to your prepared teeth, revealing an exquisite smile that’s sure to make the best first impression in any social situation.

Whether your holidays are already in full-swing or you still have a couple of weeks before you need to be prepared for the seasonal social onslaught, your cosmetic dentist in Marietta offers several treatments that could boost your confidence. Instead of feeling self-conscious about your appearance, you’ll be able to focus on making new connections and get in the holiday spirit.

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