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Some people may consider cosmetic dentistry to be a means to fulfill one’s vain attempts to enhance his or her image. Your cosmetic dentist in West Cobb says you don’t have to feel bad, though, about your desires to improve the aesthetics of your smile. In fact, as you read on, you’ll discover why feeling good about the way you look is vital to your overall wellness.

What is Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is considered to be any type of dental care that places greater emphasis on the aesthetics of your teeth than your oral health. Over the course of the history of modern dentistry, the lines between cosmetic and corrective procedures have blurred, though.

For example, treatment with traditional braces was considered cosmetic until the 1970’s. Obviously, there was a change in classification, as dentists would go on to recognize the importance of braces in correcting bite issues that could contribute to problems like jaw misalignment and TMJ disorder.

Unknown Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the greatest benefits of perfecting your smile with cosmetic dentistry is that it leaves you feeling more confident, which can have an effect on your ability to be successful in your endeavors. Furthermore, there are health benefits that you enjoy when you feel better about yourself.

Your body will produce a greater abundance of the following hormones:

  • Serotonin – This is considered to be a daytime hormone because it’s more prevalent when the sun is up and can help to elevate your mood.
  • Oxytocin – This is the same hormone that’s transmitted to an infant from the mother’s breastmilk and calms his or her frayed nerves.
  • Endorphins – The positive, rejuvenating feeling that resonates throughout your body after completing an intense workout is called an endorphin release.
  • Dopamine – When you eat your favorite foods and savor every morsel, the euphoric feeling that arises comes from the production of dopamine.

The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that by perfecting your smile, you can enjoy a release of all of the hormones listed above, which translates into better oral and overall wellness.

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