Damaged Teeth? Get Them Fixed in a Single Appointment With A Cosmetic Dentist in Marietta

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Have your damaged teeth been wearing on your self-esteem? Not only can they impact your mood, but they can also leave your oral health in danger. A cosmetic dentist in Marietta offers dental bonding to restore your smile in a single visit. At Leading Edge Dentistry, Read on to learn about the process and how it could benefit you.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Dental bonding in Marietta utilizes a special substance called composite resin. It’s made from fine particles of acrylic and glass to help change the shape, size, and color of a damaged tooth. In just a single visit with patients can have a solution that looks great for years, so they don’t have to be self-conscious about chipped or cracked teeth anymore. This cosmetic treatment can also repair other minor issues like gaps between teeth and discoloration or staining.

Unlike other treatments like porcelain veneers, the composite resin putty is sculpted and crafted in-office to match the shape and structure of your natural teeth. It’s also customized to match the color of your natural teeth, so it’ll be practically unnoticeable!

What is the Process of Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a simple and fast procedure, which is why most patients choose it. Using a special guide to determine the shade of your teeth, Will determine what composite resin to use. Once that’s chosen, he will prepare the surface of your tooth with a special conditioning liquid to help the resin bond. He will then shape and sculpt the putty and place it directly on your damaged tooth.

Once that’s completed, we’ll cure the resin with a special light and make any final adjustments by trimming and shaping it. After checks your bite to make sure it feels and looks good, he’ll give it a quick polish. If you’re having multiple teeth repaired, you may need to schedule a couple of appointments.

What Are the Benefit of Cosmetic Bonding?

If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, cosmetic bonding could be the fast, cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for. Patients often choose bonding because it has a variety of benefits to offer, including:

  • Little to no preparation of your natural tooth is involved beforehand, preserving the natural structure of your tooth.
  • Can be completed in a single visit, unlike porcelain veneers or crowns.
  • Natural-looking and comfortable.
  • No special maintenance required.

To ensure that your bonded teeth stay looking great for years to come, try avoiding consuming excessive amounts of stain-causing beverages and foods like coffee, black tea, berries, and red wine. Remember to brush and floss regularly and schedule your dental checkups and cleanings every six months.

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