6 Tips for Preventing Dental Emergencies

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No one wants to end up dealing with a dental emergency, but unfortunately, they are all to common. You may have even experienced a few of your own throughout the years. The good news is that there are a variety of steps that you can take to reduce your chances of one occurring. Continue reading to learn some of the ways that you can keep your smile healthy and free of dental problems.

Maintain an Excellent Oral Hygiene Routine

If you aren’t brushing twice and flossing once daily, you’re bound to experience dental issues over time. By taking time to clean away food particles, plaque, and bacteria through brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease later on. Electric toothbrushes are a great option for many people because a lot of them have built-in timers to ensure that you are brushing for long enough.

Replace Your Toothbrush

You need to have proper dental tools to be able to keep your smile as clean as possible. An old, worn toothbrush is not a dental tool that is doing you much good. You should be getting a new toothbrush or changing the head of your electric toothbrush approximately every three months or whenever you notice that the bristles are becoming frayed.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

An occasional sugary treat usually doesn’t do too much harm. However, if you are snacking on them all day, your smile could be in trouble. This is because harmful bacteria in your mouth release a weak acid as a by-product when it feeds off sugar that you consume. This acid is harmful for your teeth’s protective enamel and can cause you to develop cavities. By reducing the amount of sugar that you consume, you can prevent tooth decay.

See Your Dentist

When you attend regular dental cleanings and checkups, your dentist checks for early signs of issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease. This way, these issues can be treated early on before they become serious and lead to a dental emergency.

Wear a Mouthguard

It’s great to stay active, but you could be putting your smile at risk if you are involved in certain sports or activities. By wearing a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist, you can keep your teeth safe while you have fun on the field. This way, you can reduce your chances of having a dental injury that requires emergency treatment.

Stay Hydrated

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you won’t be able to produce enough saliva to maintain excellent oral health. This protective fluid helps your mouth to maintain a more neutral pH and wash away excess food debris and bacteria. Be sure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day.

You don’t want to have to spend extra time in the dental chair receiving emergency treatment. Using the tips listed above, you can keep your smile strong and healthy!

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