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If there are two things that are true about dental emergencies, it’s that they’re inconvenient and can feel scary or overwhelming. First things first: don’t panic! With the right dental team on your side, you have nothing to worry about. The next thing to do is to contact Leading Edge Dentistry right away, and we’ll help you handle your dental emergency.

Handling Dental Emergencies

When you know what to do in an emergency situation, it doesn’t feel so daunting. Here are a few of the common situations we see and how you can manage the situation properly:

  • A broken or dislodged tooth: Gather the tooth or the pieces and contact us right away. Time is of the essence for tooth that’s been dislodged or knocked out because we have the best chance of saving it within one hour of your injury. Transport it carefully, replace it into its socket if possible, otherwise transport in a cup of milk to keep the cells live and moist.
  • Soft tissue injuries: The first thing to do for gums, cheeks, or lips that are injured is to stop the bleeding. Apply a cold compress with light pressure to do this. Once the bleeding is contained warm salt-water rinses are soothing, and you should contact us for further instruction.
  • An abscessed or infected tooth: What might have started with some slight sensitivity can quickly develop into full-blown pain and a toothache. This is an indicator that your tooth is abscessed or infected. Don’t wait for infection to go away because it won’t. In fact it will get progressively worse and put you at risk for further infection, tooth loss and damage. Contact us right away, as root canal therapy may be able to preserve your tooth.

We’re on Your Side

We understand how stressful emergencies can be and our team makes every effort to accommodate you with a same day appointment. If you’re experiencing dental pain or an emergency situation, please contact us right away.

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