Dentist in Marietta Discusses How to Handle a Dental Emergency

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A business luncheon at your favorite restaurant is a welcome reprieve from your normal day, and you’re enjoying conversation about the numbers when you feel a crack in your tooth. The next thing you know your tooth is really hurting and you may actually have an emergency on your hands! Dental emergencies can be stressful unless you have the right team on your side, and you know what to do.your dentist in Marietta gives some basic tips on how to handle common dental emergencies.

Dental Pain and Sensitivity

When your tooth is experiencing dental pain that is constant it’s likely that you have a dental infection. It often starts with sensitivity to hot or cold beverages or foods, and then it progresses from there. Please don’t wait to call your team at Leading Edge Dentistry because a dental infection will not go away without treatment.

Root canal therapy can often help to preserve your tooth when you’re proactive about getting treatment. will remove the infected tissue through a small access hole in the top of your tooth and then seal it with a temporary filling. After your tooth heals, he’ll restore it with a permanent filling or dental crown. A root canal allows you to maintain your natural tooth structure while eliminating your infection.

A Tooth Knocked Out

If your tooth is knocked out it’s important to seek treatment immediately because has the best chance of saving your tooth if he can see you within an hour of your injury or accident. Transport your tooth carefully and try not to handle it too much. Replace it back into its socket if possible, if not, use a cup or baggie filled with milk to bring it to our office. Milk helps to keep your cells moist and alive.

A Lost or Broken Dental Restoration

If you have a filling or dental crown fall out or break, it’s important to have it repaired or replaced in order to avoid further damage to your tooth. can determine the right treatment for your tooth and typically see you the same day for care if necessary.

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