Try a Brighter Approach to 2018 with Your Dentist in Marietta

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Do you want to make some improvements this year? You keep telling yourself that 2018 must be better than 2017, right? Why don’t you start with your smile?

Your dentist in Marietta may be able to help boost your self-confidence this year with effective, long-lasting teeth whitening treatments. Learn more about professional teeth whitening in this week’s blog post!

Learn About Your Professional Teeth Whitening Options

The best way to achieve a better appearance in 2018 quickly is to try professional teeth whitening from your local dentist. In office treatments offer the fastest results with the most dramatic improvements. How? Your local dentist uses only professional-grade, high quality bleaching products like Zoom! Teeth whitening to help you achieve your desired results. You won’t have to worry about wasting money on over the counter products or wait weeks to see any results.

You can also have those stains conveniently lifted in the comfort of your own home with professional-grade at-home teeth whitening kits personalized from your dentist. You’ll still have access to the highest quality products because your dentist will send you home a prescribed whitening kit with specific directions to follow. In just a matter of a few weeks—literally 10-14 days—of wearing your trays around the house while you wash dishes, take a relaxing bath, or finish assignments, your teeth will look up to 8 shades brighter!

Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Pro!

As mentioned above, the products available in the drugstore just aren’t reliable enough to spend your money or time on. If you want your smile to truly look better and boost your overall appearance, trusting your dentist with your teeth whitening is one of the best cosmetic decisions you can make. Not only will your gums and soft tissues be protected from any harsh bleaching products because your dentist will monitor your entire treatment, but you can be confident that you’ll receive the results you want the first time around.

Start 2018 on the Right Note—With Whiter Teeth!

Teeth whitening in Marietta can help you achieve your goals in 2018. With whiter, brighter teeth, you’ll have the confidence you need to conquer all your new year’s resolutions.

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Here at Leading Edge Dentistry, we know that having stains on your teeth doesn’t just make you feel bad about yourself, but it may make you feel like your smile isn’t in its best condition.  Having a bright white smile will supercharge your confidence, propelling you into a successful 2018 and improve your oral health! Nothing will be able to stop you from accomplishing your goals when you feel great and look great. Feel free to contact us today to learn how professional teeth whitening can help you!


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