The Top 3 Questions About Sedation Dentistry

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Do you tend to feel anxious about visiting the dentist? You’re not the only one. Roughly 9-20% of US adults experience uneasiness when heading for a dental appointment. The good news is…dentistry has gotten even better over the years! Not only are treatments faster and easier than before, your dentist may also offer sedation therapy to make you as comfortable as possible. Read on to learn the answers to the three most frequently asked questions about sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is when your dentist provides you with certain medicines to ease your anxiety before a dental procedure. These drugs are safe, they significantly minimize your nervousness, and they’re non-habit forming! Patients tend to feel relaxed during the process and remember their treatment as a mostly pleasant experience.

What Are the Types of Sedation Dentistry You Offer?

Your dentist can offer a couple sedation options for your procedure. They consist of:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation: Also known as laughing gas, this is the most common form of sedation therapy. Not only is it suitable for patients of all ages, but it also delivers an immediate calming effect once you breathe it in. Your dentist will be able to adjust the level of sedation throughout the process to provide optimal comfort. Nitrous oxide also wears off quickly, so you’ll be capable of driving yourself home after your appointment.
  • Oral conscious sedation: This method offers a deeper level of relaxation. Right before your procedure, you’ll take a sedative and feel entirely at ease by the time your dentist begins working. You’ll still be awake during the treatment so you can communicate with your dentist, and you might not even remember the procedure when it wears off. However, since this sedation uses a powerful medication, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your visit.

Who Benefits From Sedation Dentistry?

If you feel nervous or restless about your dental procedure, then sedation dentistry is a great option for you. This therapy can help people with other factors such as low pain threshold, sensitive teeth/gums, a serious gag reflex, and if they require extensive dental work.

Even if you feel a little anxious about your dental visit, sedation dentistry provides the help you need for a comfortable experience. Talk with your dentist if you want to know more about this therapy, and they’ll be happy to explain how it all works!

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