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One of the most common pieces of advice doctors tell their patients is to stay calm and not panic during an emergency. Staying focused and calm helps you make the smartest decision when addressing emergencies, dental or otherwise. If a dental emergency rears its ugly head, your emergency dentist in Marietta is prepared to educate you on the best steps to take next.

Today, we’ll be distinguishing when you should visit your dentist right away vs. during regular business hours. After reading this post, you’ll be more equipped to handle dental emergencies if they appear.

A Knocked-Out or Dislodged Tooth

One of the most common issues your emergency dentist in West Cobb sees is either a tooth that’s become dislodged or completely knocked out of its socket. This typically occurs from forced trauma and not from tooth decay or gum disease. To save the tooth, your dentist will need to reimplant it within a short period of time, as waiting too long can cause the tooth to become unsalvageable.

If your tooth is knocked out, start by locating the tooth and picking it up from the crown. After rinsing the top part of the crown and being careful not to accidentally remove any tissue that’s attached, attempt to place it back into your socket. If this is not viable, keep the tooth in a container of milk or saltwater to preserve it for up to an hour.

If the tooth is only slightly dislodged, avoid applying unnecessary pressure to it. If you notice the tooth is loose but you’re not in any pain, you can afford to wait until regular business hours. Just make sure to call and schedule an appointment.

A Cracked Tooth That Extends Below the Gumline

If you minimally chip a small piece of your tooth and there is no pain, then that isn’t considered a dental emergency. At that point, you can simply schedule an appointment to have it treated at a later date. However, a tooth with a crack that extends below the gumline is serious because it’s far more likely to expose your inner tooth.

The inner tooth contains your tooth pulp and nerve endings. If this area is exposed to bacteria, it can easily lead to an infection. If infected, the chances of needing a root canal or even extraction go way up, so don’t put it off.

You Have Severe Tooth Pain

Whether it’s from an accident or an abscess, severe tooth pain of any kind is never a good sign. If you’re only experiencing sensitivity that goes away after a few seconds, that isn’t a dental emergency. However, if you notice a lingering sensitivity that doesn’t go away or sharp tooth pain, it could be due to an abscess inside or underneath your tooth. This should trigger a visit to your dentist right away.

Don’t let dental emergencies make you anxious, your emergency dentist in Marietta is here to help. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, schedule an appointment with them today!

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