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A skilled emergency dentist in Marietta, GA must be available for advice and treatment when a dental accident occurs. You crack a tooth, lose a large dental filling, sustain a serious blow to the jaw. Leading Edge Dentistry can really save your day and your oral health.

Why is emergency dentistry important?

Excellent preventive, restorative and aesthetic dental treatments maintain oral health and smile aesthetics. At Leading Edge Dentistry in Marietta, we also make emergency dentistry our highest priority.

Her staff agree with the American Dental Association (ADA): emergency dental care, delivered in a timely fashion, saves teeth and overall dental health. For instance, if an avulsed tooth is reimplanted within one hour of injury, chances are it will survive and function for years.

How can you cope with a dental emergency?

Your Marietta, GA emergency dentist offers many dental first aid strategies and asks patients to use them while waiting to see someone at Leading Edge Dentistry.

Toothache Over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen relieves discomfort due to dental abscess (infection), lost filling or tooth fracture. An ice bag to the jaw reduces swelling. Apply it for 20 minutes, allow the area to rest for 20 minutes, and repeat.The patient must keep pieces of a broken tooth, a crown or chipped porcelain veneer and bring them

Avulsed tooth If you get a tooth knocked out during sports (Football, martial arts, and hockey are common culprits.) or a fall, put the tooth back in the  empty socket. A dislodged tooth has a better chance of permanent re-implantation if it is replaced in the empty socket right away. Hold the tooth in place while going to Leading Edge Dentistry.

Rinse the avulsed tooth with warm water to remove dirt, but clinging soft tissue must remain in place. If patient cannot replace the tooth, he should hold it between cheek and gum or put it in a plastic zipper bag with milk or an over the counter tooth preservation product.

Lacerated soft tissue Cuts and profuse bleeding require direct pressure, biting on gauze or even a clean handkerchief or t-shirt. If the laceration is serious, transport as soon as possible to the nearest emergency room.

To avoid dental emergencies, athletes should wear customized mouth guards. Also, never bite or chew hard things such as ice, peanut brittle or non-food items.  Prevent problems related to tooth decay and gum disease with regular exams and cleanings at Leading Edge Dentistry.

Aren’t you glad you have an emergency dentist in Marietta?

Leading Edge Dentistry with your important dental issue. Never hesitate to place that phone call.  Your immediate well-being is priority.

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