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Was your last dental visit less than pleasant? Was it uncomfortable not because of the treatment you were receiving, but because of a deeper issue related to anxiety or fear? Dental phobia and anxiety is a very real condition that affects millions of Americans every day, so just know that you aren’t alone.

Your sedation dentist in West Cobb is all too familiar with this epidemic, which is why he offers sedation dentistry to patients who need it! Here are the benefits you can expect!

Sedation Makes Routine Visits Easy!

With the help of sedatives your dentist is specifically trained to provide, patients with fear, phobia, or negative experiences with dentists can get their routine exams and cleanings done with great ease. Many patients will skip their routine visits due to fear, which can dramatically increase their risk of developing disease.

Without a dental professional to exam all the areas of the mouth, patients can’t confirm if the early signs of disease are present or not. Since preventive care is the best form of care for catching disease, dental or otherwise, patients can get the care and professional examination they need without worry.

It’s Not Exclusive to People with Anxiety

While most patients who opt for sedation are doing so due to anxiety, it doesn’t mean it can’t benefit patients with other issues getting dental treatments. For example, those who have a generally low tolerance for pain can benefit from sedation. Those who suffer from tooth sensitivity or have a bad gag reflex can experience a better overall treatment, as well as help the dentist perform treatments without worry.

Additionally, patients who have trouble sitting still in the dental chair can benefit from sedatives during treatment. This is particularly true for patients with cognitive impairments or other disabilities that make treatment difficult, especially when they require long periods of time to complete.

Got a Long Treatment? No Problem!

If you happen to need a complex treatment, such as multiple dental restorations placed, sedation can make it much easier to deal with. Instead of needing multiple breaks to continue, your dentist can make use of sedation to put you into a deep state of relaxation, making long treatments easier.

As a bonus, most patients who use sedation don’t remember much of treatment. This is a huge benefit for fearful and anxious patients who’s only memories of dental visits are negative. However, all forms of sedation are designed to keep patients conscious in case they need to speak with the dentist during treatment.

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