West Cobb Dentist Explains How To Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

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Tis’ the season for renewed gym memberships, brand new diet regimens, and an increased focus on overall health and wellbeing. If you’re making a commitment to a healthier, happier you in 2019 don’t neglect your oral health in the process! Many don’t realize it, but your oral health impacts every other aspect of your physical wellbeing in a variety of important ways. Read on for some easy-to-implement tips on how to improve your oral health this year.  

Putting In The Work

Just as there’s no magic pill that will instantaneously rid of you of that extra 10 pounds of holiday weight (let us know if you find one), there’s no magic pill that can undo a prolonged period of oral health neglect. You have to start putting in the work. The first and most important thing anyone can do when committing to taking oral health more seriously in the new year, is to establish a regular oral healthcare routine. Commit to brushing at least twice a day, and if you aren’t already, it’s imperative to introduce flossing into your daily list of self-care duties. Flossing helps to combat the buildup of harmful plaque in a way that brushing alone cannot. Consider carrying a container of floss with you as you’re out and about so you can make a habit of flossing after meals.

Eat This Not That

Besides committing to a more a consistent and thorough oral healthcare routine, the other big change you can make is to start eating more mouth-friendly foods. In place of sugary snacks and candies, make a conscious effort to ingest more leafy green vegetables. These nutrient rich greens are great for your oral and overall health. Additionally, a regular intake of foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D (like certain dairy products) can help keep your teeth sturdy and strong all year long. Lastly, if you’re regularly consuming sugary sodas or using tobacco products, make 2019 the year you cut back or quit altogether – these items wreak havoc on a healthy smile.

The Importance Of Regular Visits

One of the best things anyone can do to take complete ownership over their oral and overall health in the new year and beyond, is to commit to seeing the dentist more regularly. Preventive dentistry, when coupled with an increased commitment on the part of the patient, is tremendously effective at ensuring a smile stays healthy and stunning for years to come.

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